Dr. Charles Cogan, ex CIA Director of Operations, South Asia comments on the accuracy of Gould & Fitzgerald’s

February 4, 2009 presentation at the Cambridge Forum (WGBH Forum Network)

Dr Charles Cogan, ex CIA Director of Operations, South Asia comments on the accuracy of Gould & Fitzgerald’s presentation at 30:11 minutes.

Cambridge Forum says this about Gould & Fitzgerald:

When Americans needed to know accurately the complex history of Afghanistan, traced back over 10,000 years, why were we given exactly the opposite in incorrect, simplistic, pro US Cold War images in Dan Rather’s TV reports and the film, Charlie Wilson’s War? What should the US government have told citizens before 9/11, but instead, kept secret? How can President Obama create a new policy without repeating past mistakes of Britain, the USSR and the Bush Administration that builds lasting good will toward the US?

Widely considered America’s leading journalists interpreting Afghanistan, Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, a husband and wife team, were the first US television crew granted visas to enter Afghanistan in the spring of 1981. They arrived in the heated Cold War era, but the people they found did not fit the preconceived, stereotyped Cold War bias desired by their employer, CBS. In 1983, they produced a landmark PBS documentary, Afghanistan Between Three Worlds. In the 80s and 90s, they continued writing about Afghanistan: a script with Oliver Stone, reports for ABC’s Nightline and a book about human rights and women, Women for Afghan Women: Shattering Myths and Claiming the Future.

Host David Frenkel interviews Fitzgerald & Gould

Crossing Zero, The Afghanistan War

Crossing Zero, The Afghanistan War

“Host David Frenkel interviews the coauthors of the book, Crossing Zero. Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould were the first television journalists to enter Afghanistan in 1981 after the Soviet invasion and filed a report aired by CBS Television at that time.

Since then they have become experts on the region coauthoring two books. In this interview they recap the regional history and are very critical of the current and past US strategy. They describe the kind of strategies that would more likely to lead to peace and why they would be more likely to work, based on the cultural and ethnic regions.”

Fitzgerald and Gould Examine the Afghan American Narrative

Gould and Fitzgerald created a 10 minute video that exposes the official 1980s “narrative” on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan as propaganda created by the MSM to build support for Charlie Wilson’s War.

Click here for the Mary Williams Walsh interview from the May 1990 issue of The Progressive Magazine titled Journalistic Jihad referred to at the end of the video.

(pdf 1.01 MB)

A Game Changer for Unifying Afghanistan

Afghanistan has suffered through over 30 years of incessant war which has led to the annihilation of its secular tribal structure, transforming it into one of the most violent and poverty-stricken places on earth. Saving this war-torn country will take more than simply “thinking outside the box” – it requires throwing the entire box away, as was done to create the audacious reconciliation process that we wrote with New World Strategies Coalition. Click here to read:Restoring Afghanistan’s Tribal Balance An indigenous peace process for unifying a shattered nation

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Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

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