The Valediction-Three Nights of Desmond, our novelized memoir is coming September, 2021!  

By Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

At the end of the Vietnam War the United States faced a crossroads; either continue along the bloody road to empire or reinvent its democracy. The focus of that struggle centered around the 1976 presidential campaign. With the election of Jimmy Carter it was assumed that the administration would reassess the U.S. role on the world stage and reinvest its energies in rebuilding a war-weary nation. But with the selection of Zbigniew Brzezinski as his national security advisor, President Carter guaranteed that would never be.

Plotting to overthrow the old rules before even gaining access to the Oval office Brzezinski would play a pivotal role in the rise of the neoconservative agenda and their politicization of American foreign policy. And by stage-managing perceptions of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, he would permanently shift the management of the national security state from the pragmatic to the ideological. As journalists we followed this transformation for over 40 years as the Brzezinski agenda to weaponize extremist Islam on behalf of American empire spread across the globe while documenting the course of a deep-state movement that led to 9/11 and endless war.

In the end Brzezinski honored his duty to the elites by warning them in 2010 that for the first time in history a totally new reality had taken hold. Mankind was now politically awake and aware of their economic inequalities and politically active for the first time in human history.

Brzezinski was already concerned about the public’s growing dissatisfaction following the 2008 financial catastrophe. He warned the elites that bailing out failed banks while ignoring human suffering would not end well. But his 2010 lecture revealed that something even more profound was underway and that despite their mastery of the world’s economy, the global elitists he’d spent his career advancing were facing something beyond their control.

Ironically it was Brzezinski who guaranteed this tragic ending by merging the political objectives of the global elites to extremist Islam and in so doing, undid the very empire he thought he was advancing. But beyond the impacts of 9/11and the so called “war on terror,” Brzezinski’s involvement helped us uncover hints of a deeper agenda and as we traced its roots we discovered that it led to the ancient past.

Over the next few months as the beast slides closer to Bethlehem we’ll be posting articles we have researched, written and published at different stages of our understanding. These articles not only form the basis of our discoveries, but have become more relevant than when they were originally published. In a unique way, each article plays a part that is revealed in The Valediction, Three Nights of Desmond.

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