The JFK Assassination-60 years on Nov. 22, 2023

Moving beyond his Death to the Resurrection of JFK’s World Peace Plan

By Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould      OpEdNews

Nov. 22, 1963 President Kennedy greets crowd at rally, Ft. Worth, Texas.  PUBLIC DOMAINE 

In 1991 we started tracing our Fitzgerald family history back 1000 years to the end of the Desmond Fitzgerald rule in Ireland when they were defeated by the forces of Elizabeth I. History has marked the beginning of the British Empire with the end of the Desmond Wars following the beheading of the last Earl of Desmond in 1583. We identified the long history we were tracking as “Mystical Imperialism,” a philosophy that rationalized the expansion of empire by infusing a sense of the divine into the raw politics of empire building.We will present our “Mystical Imperialism” research as powerful and invisible influences behind the framing of the assassination of JFK at the Dallas Convention this November 17, 2023. Conference and ZOOM link info can be accessed HERE.

In 2021 we started leading monthly TrineDay Publisher’s roundtable discussions to investigate how to resurrect JFK’s American University Speech as the basis of world peace. In the past six months we also came to grasp the  economics of Henry George that are in line with the perennial wisdom teachings of economic justice needed before we can build JFK’s Peace for All Time. We presented the creation of the Fitzgerald mythology surrounding JFK’s life at RoundTable 6, Resurrect JFK and The USA . It can be viewed HERE.

Recently we’ve found historical records on JFK’s beloved grandfather and mentor, Boston Mayor John Francis Fitzgerald. Known as “Honey Fitz,” he predicted JFK would become president and tutored him until his death in 1950. It turns out that “Honey Fitz” was an ardent proponent of Henry George’s land value taxation. This find was an important discovery that gave new meaning, not only to the historical story we were building but to the mystical purpose of the Fitzgerald legacy. It was as if we had been touched by an angel encouraging us to keep building, no matter what the odds, the economic justice platform needed for JFK’s peace plan to unfold.

The time is ripe to bring forward an economics that is outside of the “right/left” box and will bring masses of people into a unity of intention and purpose to solve America’s major social problems. Our job is to get this message for solving our human made problems out to the American people. Making that happen will set the stage to fulfill the true meaning of JFK’s sacrifice for all of us.

We hope you can help us with our task. A good place to begin is to read the documents we provided below. Each one offers a different perspective on our work to consider. Once you have a chance to review these materials, please pass this package of information on to your friends.

THE UN 2024 EQUINOX EARTH DAY EVENT An invitation to celebrate the March 19, 2024 event honoring the economics for justice and peace envisioned by John McConnell, the founder and creator of Earth Day. Read the file HERE.

Economic Justice World Peace Proposal A plan to activate economic justice and JFK’s World Peace. Read the file HERE.

Earth Rights Manifesto with Intro about finding “Honey Fitz” How Economic Justice can end poverty, homelessness and hunger by creating a world that works for everyone. Read the file HERE.

From the Jerusalem Crusade to the Holy Grail to the death of JFK Why November 22 is         important. Read the file HERE.

-Honey Fitz on Unearned Increment file can be read  HERE  -Honey Fitz on Henry Cabot Lodge file can be read HERE

The International Declaration of Individual and Common Rights to Earth can be read HERE. Sign up for the Newsletter of the International Union for Land Value Taxation (Earth Rights) HERE. Join Common Ground USA HERE

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Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould are authors of Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story, published by City Lights (2009), Crossing Zero The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire, published by City Lights (2011). Their novel The Voice , was published in 2001. Their memoir, The Valediction Three Nights of Desmondwas published by TrineDay (2021) and The Valediction Resurrection was published by TrineDay (2022). For more information visit invisiblehistory, grailwerk and

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In their memoir, “Valediction: Three Nights of Desmond Part 1” co-authors Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould reported on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and how all was not what it seemed at that time. Clues about the next installment were planted. “Valediction: Resurrection Part 2” probes the lineage between Paul Fitzgerald and JFK’s family. The research into Fitzgerald forebears yields clues to a powerful empire that was conspired against and overthrown. Surviving bloodlines are targeted, such as JFK’s November 22, 1963 assassination. While delving into his past, Paul sees the connection to his experiences in Afghanistan. Seemingly disparate subjects are linked to sinister forces in history, manipulating unwitting believers. How does the CIA’s Soviet threat analysis known as “Team B” connect to the Arthurian legends? Do we march forward into the future through random events? Or has a course been charted, going back centuries? “Valediction: Resurrection” is a unique book that awakens new insights. The past is never easy to reconcile, and in Paul Fitzgerald’s case, he went back a 1000 years to do so. The author’s quest for knowledge and truth is filled with intriguing stops along the way. It’s a book with the qualities of a blockbuster film that will appeal to history lovers, conspiracy researchers, genealogists, and mystery fans.

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A Long Mystical Tale That Leads to JFK’s Vision of World Peace

A FREE Zoom Event  Wed. October 25, 2023    3:00 – 4:30 pm Eastern  RSVP  HERE.  (

In 1991, Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould started tracing their Fitzgerald family history back 1,000 years to the end of the Fitzgerald rule in Ireland, when they were defeated by the forces of Elizabeth I. That history, which Paul and Liz identified as Mystical Imperialism, led to JFK’s assassination on November 22, 1963.

RSVP to see a preview on Oct. 25 of the Mystical Imperialism history Paul and Liz will present at THE JFK ASSASSINATION, 60 YEARS LATER Conference in Dallas this Nov. 17; (tickets and Zoom-access are available at

These Roundtables were inspired by Paul and Liz’s desire to resurrect JFK’s vision for peace in his American University Speech. Alanna Hartzok introduced us to the economics of Henry George, one of the late 19th Century’s most popular speakers. JFK was greatly influenced by his grandfather, Boston Mayor John “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald – WHO ALSO CHAMPIONED THE ECONOMICS OF HENRY GEORGE. This is one of the great synchronicities of Paul and Liz’s journey. Henry George’s economic justice can create the peace the world needs.

Alanna Hartzok will present an update on the UN Equinox 2024 Earth Day Event honoring the original vision of John McConnell, the founder and creator of Earth Day.

When you RSVP you will receive the Zoom access-link. If you lose it, just re-RSVP and you’ll get another email sent.

The Economic Justice World Peace Proposal can be read HERE


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