Brzezinski’s 2007 testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is damning and very powerful.

Considering Brzezinski’s role in activating a policy of empowering Muslim extremists in Central Asia to trick the Soviet’s into their 1979 invasion of Afghanistan, his testimony is also shocking. In a 1998 interview Brzezinski boasted, “That secret operation was an excellent idea. Its objective was to lead the Russian to the Afghan trap, and you want me to regret it? The reporter asked, “Aren’t you sorry either for favoring Islamic fundamentalism and providing weapons and consultancies to future terrorists?” Brzezinski responded, “What is the most important thing when you look at world history, the Taliban or the fall of the Soviet empire? Some excited Islamists or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the Cold War?”
It must be challenging for Brzezinski to see the down side of his Imperial brilliance!

By Global Research February 25, 2007
Editor’s Note:
We bring to the attention of our readers the complete transcript of Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski’s statement to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as well as the transcript of the debate. It is important to note that Brzezinski acknowledges US military ambitions with regard to Iran and the possibility that the Bush administration could choose to trigger a war pretext incident which would then justify a  “defensive” war on Iran. Brzezinski tacitly acknowledges that the “war on terrorism” is bogus. He points at length at the fabricated pretext for waging war on Iraq and cites the controversial Downing Street Memo. In the present context, Brzezinski’s statement, from within the Washington establishment, is a breath of fresh air; while it upholds the basic tenets of US foreign policy, it constitutes a voice of moderation in relation to the Neoconservative agenda. Carefully read both his opening address but also the discussion, where he points to the politically corrupt nature of the Bush administration and how fake intelligence was used as a pretext to wage war on Iraq. If you do not have time to go through the entire transcript, read the highlights below.

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research,  24 February 2007   Read the full article here.

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