Jay Dyer’s interview and Afghanistan and Mystical Imperialism Presentation


–Jay Dyer’s 2015 interview with Gould and Fitzgerald    Veteran researchers, historians, writers and geopolitical analysts Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould joined me to discuss their scholarly works, notably Invisible History: The Untold Story of Afghanistan, Crossing Zero and The Voice. In this interview, we dive into mystical imperialism, the Great Game, black ops in Afghanistan, the role of geopolitical strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Mujahideen, the Cold War and the Rand Corporation, Soviet espionage and British Intelligence, spy games, the history of Templarism, Roman Catholicism, BCCI and the drug trade, and much, much more! Click here for our 2 hour interview at Jay’s Analysis.

 —Afghanistan has always contained an esoteric element known to insiders. Now that “hidden” Afghan story is available to all who seek it. Our 2012 INN World Studio presentation of  Afghanistan and Mystical Imperialism: An expose of the esoteric underpinnings of American foreign policy will open the world to an Afghanistan most have never seen. Our 90 minute presentation is available here.  You can read Afghanistan bedeviled by ‘Mystical Imperialism,’ a review by journalist Michael Hughes.
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