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Deep Questions Lead to Deep Answers about The Deep State, Say Co-Authors Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

WALTERVILLE, OR, USA, July 26, 2022 / — In their new book by TrineDay called “The Valediction: Resurrection,” co-authors Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould contend that President Kennedy was murdered partly to avenge the destruction of the Knight Templar seven hundred years ago.

“My husband Paul’s investigation of his Fitzgerald family’s participation in the 12th century Norman invasion of Ireland has exposed the struggle for power within the Anglo/Norman deep-state that has raged beneath the surface through the centuries,” says Ms. Gould. “Killing the first Roman Catholic President of the United States on the site of the first Masonic Temple in Dallas on the Masonic day of revenge for the destruction of the Knights Templar (November 22) bespeaks a ritual.”

“If the assassination was an act of retribution,” she continued, “then we must view history from a more complex perspective. In order to understand a ‘deep-state,’ we must ask ‘deep-questions’ and be willing to accept ‘deep-answers,’ no matter where they lead.”

“In our book we show the trail of evidence that moves from the Norman invasion of Ireland, which brought the Fitzgeralds to Ireland, to their genocide 400 years later by the Elizabethans, who saw the Fitzgeralds as a race of their own and a dangerous threat to the British imperial agenda.”

“We show not only the creation of the Fitzgerald legacy but also the deeper political and spiritual motivation behind the JFK assassination, and in the end, its resolution.”

“Because,” Ms. Gould asserts, “Americans long for a spiritual regeneration away from the vision of war as an honorable sacrifice to a vision of peace that serves all. We developed, in a very personal and mystical way, a profound understanding of how the world can move from war to peace, an understanding that began with our journalism in Afghanistan over forty years ago. Our book reads like a novel but it all really happened.”

“President Reagan’s crusade against the Evil Empire,” Mr. Fitzgerald said in a recent interview, “set the stage for endless war by privatizing covert action and spawning an independent financial network that put the planet up for grabs to the highest bidder. Afghanistan’s mythic dimension as the graveyard of empires is undoing not only the American empire but also the concept of empire itself.”

“’The Valediction’ is a transformative story about journalism and spirituality,” says Mr. Fitzgerald. “It’s about the esoteric geopolitics behind the US role in Afghanistan that we discovered by walking through our own spiritual door and trusting the path, which continues to unfold to this day.”

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould were the first American journalists to gain access to Afghanistan in 1981 following the expulsion of western media one month after the Soviet invasion of 1979. After their news story for CBS, they produced a PBS documentary, and returned to Kabul for ABC Nightline in 1983. They are the co-authors of The Voice; Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story; Crossing Zero: The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire; The Valediction: Three Nights of Desmond, and The Valediction: Resurrection. Visit for more information.

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