TrineDay’s Roundtable #2: “Afghanistan: America’s Second Vietnam (Forty Years in the Making)”

Dear Friends,  You’re invited to this upcoming event. We hope you will join with us, even for a bit. Absolutely fascinating exploration of suppressed information you need to know.  Thanks much, –Paul and Liz

TrineDay’s Roundtable #2:

“Afghanistan: America’s Second Vietnam (Forty Years in the Making)”
A FREE Zoom Event
Wednesday, October 13, 2021
3 p.m. Eastern (90 minutes)           
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Reservation can be made here      Order “The Valediction, Three Nights of Desmond” here


The Valediction: Three Nights of Desmond, the new book by Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould – how America lured the Soviet Union into Afghanistan in 1979 to demonize her and justify an enormous military buildup under Reagan. How the truth (the Soviets wanted to leave Afghanistan) was crushed and propaganda (Charlie Wilson’s War) was fed to America and the world. (The mujahideen we funded were not freedom fighters. They terrorized the Afghan people.) How America helped create Al Qaeda and the Taliban. How America invaded Afghanistan in 2001 and used and abused her to the present day.


RA “Kris” Millegan, TrineDay publisher (around 120 books in the past twenty years). “The folks in the shadows who lie, cheat and steal to manipulate us must be exposed so we can create a better world for our children.”

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, husband and wife, co-authors of The Valediction. Paul and Liz got the first visas to enter Afghanistan in 1981 after the expulsion of all Western media after the 1979 Soviet invasion.

Jay Dyer, public speaker, lecturer, comedian and author of the popular title Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film. His graduate work focused on the interplay of film, geopolitics, espionage and psychological warfare.

Dr. Jawied Nawabi, assistant professor of economics, sociology and international studies at the City University of New York, Bronx Community College; co-editor of the 19th edition of the economics textbook Real World Globalization.

Bruce de Torres, moderator and author of God, School, 9/11 and JFK: The Lies That Are Killing Us and The Truth That Sets Us Free

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