RoundTable 20 THE EARTH BELONGS TO EVERYONE  Sayonara, Klaus Schwab and Your “You’ll own nothing and be happy.”

RoundTable 20  A FREE Zoom Event  Wed. June 14, 2023   3:00 – 4:30 pm/EST   RSVP Required at

Find our how the Earth Belongs to Everyone! Join us to create a narrative to replace Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” (control consolidated in the hands of an unaccountable few) – a narrative that includes the ideals of American economist Henry George.  As Earth Rights visionary Edward Dodson said, “Land value taxation is the key to affordable housing and to rebuilding distressed communities.” But it’s bigger than that. We can flip the script so there are no masters nor slaves but people who respect each other’s rights, a la ancient models, the Native American for example.

What is money? Is life only a commercial enterprise? America was meant to be a new thing, where people govern themselves and are not ruled by a king or a pope or corporations. The world needs a sane, healthy, prosperous, and benevolent America.  Do we need “Jubilee Justice” – the forgiveness of un-payable and crushing debt? For certain, we need the end of empire and the end of war. Since life has a spiritual or mystical dimension, we must envision and work for an economy of peace if we hope to have one.

With host, TrineDay Pubisher R. A. “Kris” Millegan, co-authors Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, and Earth Rights visionary Alanna Hartzok.     “When land and natural resource values – Commons Rent – become the primary source for raising public revenue, we WILL have economic justice and world peace.” –Paul and Liz


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