“THE DA VINCI CODE – what if? THE VALEDICTION: Resurrection – The Real Deal” Daniel Estulin

“[Paul and Liz are the real deal. … They’ve done all the footwork. … They have all the data and all the information.” “[Their book is] fascinating because it goes into the esoteric elements … the Kennedys, [the Fitzgerald family’s] roots going way back in time …” “When I interviewed them we talked about THE DA VINCI CODE – what if? But THE VALEDICTION: Resurrection isn’t a what-if. This is the real deal.” “Because they go way back in time. … We’re talking about the Knights Templar, all kinds of things … It’s an amazing story, and to everyone [hearing this], please go read their book.”  Daniel Estulin an award-winning investigative journalist, author, speaker and TV show host

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A true-life story that combines the esoteric qualities of The Ninth Gate and Field of Dreams as Paul Fitzgerald’s mind is opened to the mysticism of Afghanistan that drew him into its vortex. His search into his Fitzgerald family’s participation in the 12th Century Norman invasion of Ireland comes full circle when Paul fulfills his deepest purpose by connecting the land of his Geraldine ancestors to Afghanistan in a very personal and mystical way. It reads like a novel, but it all really happened

“As we dug into our Fitzgerald family history we discovered the bitter struggle for power within the Anglo/Norman deep-state that has raged beneath the surface down through the centuries.”  “On November 22, 1963 Americans were shocked by the public execution of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. But killing the first Roman Catholic President of the US on the site of the first Masonic Temple in Dallas on the Masonic day of revenge for the destruction of the Knights Templar (November 22) bespeaks a ritual.”  “In order to understand a ‘deep-state,’ we must ask ‘deep-questions’ and be willing to accept ‘deep-answers’ no matter where they lead.” –Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

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