*The Economic Justice and World Peace Proposa

The Proposal is inspired by THE ROUNDTABLES SERIES  and the VALEDICTION books

May 6, 2023  By Paul Fitzgerald Elizabeth Gould

Eternal flame at the Grave of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Arlington National Cemetery
Eternal flame at the Grave of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Arlington National Cemetery
Image by Wknight94 talk)
Table of Contents
Page 2: Overview of the World Peace and Economic Justice Proposal
Page 3: Chapter 1 The Fitzgerald Myth and History embodied in JFK’s life and Death
Page 6: Chapter 2 Our HAIR musical experience and why it still matters today
Page 11: Chapter 3 How the Mysticism of Newgrange pulled us into its vortex
Page 15: Chapter 4 Bhadshah Khan’s Afghan World Peace Movement
Page 20: Chapter 5 How JFK’s Plan for World Peace came to be
Page 23: Chapter 6 Passages from JFK’s Peace Speech resonate with Badshah Khan’s message
Page 25: Chapter 7 To turn from War to Peace, the Hegelian Dialectic must be dismantled
Page 27: Chapter 8 Afghan human rights expert Sima Wali (4/7/1951-9/ 22/2017)
Page 33: Chapter 9 A Nature-Based Perspective on Peace by Don Trent Jacobs, Ph.D., Ed.D.
Page 36: Chapter 10 The Marriage of World Peace and Economic Justice Will Create Heaven on Earth from The Council of Georgist Organizations
Page 40: Chapter 11 A Brief History of How We Lost the Commons by Jay Walljasper
Page 43: Chapter 12 The foundation of The Economics of Peace Campaign based on Sacred Rule Economics by Alanna Hartzok
Page 43: Chapter 13 AN OPEN LETTER TO KING CHARLES III ON HIS CORONATION, An Earth Rights Manifesto by Alanna Hartzok
– Overview of Economic Justice and World peace Proposal
Violence begets violence, war begets more wars. These facts have been known to generations before our time and we should not have to learn this horrible truth again. Events have been forgotten by history and covered up by administrations. Old angers and hatreds have been instilled in new generations. We cannot continue in this manner and survive as a people. We must calm down, face the facts of where we have come from, and put our minds to diffusing the crisis and not making it worse. Is there a solution? Yes, there is; knowledge, understanding and the courage to vow to resolve it without violence or prejudice. Americans are in a unique position to help through John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s peace legacy enshrined in his 1963 American University Speech. Activating his plan will help bring forth the peaceful world we all want out of the final chaotic stage of empire.
JFK is continually rated as one of our greatest presidents, a testament to his ability to inspire hope, faith and courage in Americans. He asked us to take on the most important challenge of our times in 1963by helping him to create world peace. His American University Speech laid out that plan with words that are powerful – so powerful he could have lost his life five months later just because of them. Resurrecting JFK’s plan for world peace is long overdue! We the People must do it. We the People can do it! We the people will do it! And the first step is for, We the People to imagine the peaceful future we want, starting today.
Sharing positive ideas is not sufficient to change the world. We need to translate consciously the power of ideas into action. The first step is to unblock our feelings of fear and despair about the threats to our planet from the endless war agendas we face. Unlocking our creative power to imagine the peace we want will enable it to materialize as our future and once unlocked, the full potential for that future will provide the place for that peace to happen.
Next we’ll intertwine JFK’s 1963 blueprint for world peace with Afghan tribal leader Bhadshah Khan’s indigenous non-violent movement known as the Khudai-Khidmatgar along a nature-based perspective on peace. Since there cannot be world peace without economic justice we’ll ground world peace in The economics of Henry George. Restructuring taxes so that land, a communal asset, is taxed instead of buildings on the land, has achieved sustainable prosperity for people all over the world. “The Georgist philosophy advocates equal rights for all and special privileges for none. It affirms a universal right for all to share in the gifts and opportunities provided by nature.” Ultimately when the marriage of world peace and economic justice is complete, it will create heaven on Earth.
Then we’ll weave together historical and cherished mythical stories from the Fitzgerald family’s Irish roots going back to their 11th century origin. The finished plan would be delivered at a musical concert in Ireland and modeled after the 1985 Live Aid concert for famine relief in Africa. The sponsors of Live Aid took an issue nobody cared about, put it in front of 2 billion people through music and raised $127 million. Unfortunately, not only are millions of lives still at risk today from famine in the third world, the first world is facing an unprecedented food crisis of its own. This exposes the truth that focusing on famine relief was never going to be a remedy for famine itself. Our concert will promote a genuine solution; establishing the peace as the only underlying foundation that will address all human-made problems.
Our musical inspiration will come from the wildly popular American Tribal Love-Rock Musical HAIR. In its time HAIR was the center of the Anti-Vietnam War Movement; delivering a riveting political and social awakening that we experienced personally in 1970 as participants in the Boston production of the show. HAIR’s finale song Flesh FailuresLet the Sunshine In was an anthem for the world-wide peace movement; pleading with the audience to recognize with their hearts, that all people want peace and not war. It is a plea that still stirs the soul and will reenergize the movement we are building.
Our effort towards peace through economic justice, dialogue and music will accomplish many things by breaking us free from the war dialectic of defeating the “other” and opening us to a self-aware perspective that can function as a spiritual and moral gauge for testing our own values. The concert will also be a re-awakening to bring back the peace robbed from our generation by dark forces manipulating from behind the scenes.
A departure from the toxic war narrative is the solution needed to totally change the tone and reorient people’s thinking from war to peace. This can be accomplished by connecting to our shared past through Ireland, the land that gave birth to the prophecy of the Fitzgerald family’s most beloved ancestor, Gearóid Iarla whom legend tells will rise from the dead at the end of time to free the Irish people from the tyranny of empire. The time is now for the fulfillment of that prophecy and we believe that can be accomplished by resurrecting JFK’s plan for world peace.
Finally the perfect setting for a concert that will build world peace through economic justice, dialogue and music is at a fifty five hundred year old UNESCO World Heritage Site north of Dublin known as Newgrange or in Irish, Bru Oengusa. This legendary site is central to pre-Christian Irish mythology having been built by the Dagda, father of the Tuatha de Danaan, (people of the Sidhe the Shee). Known as the Good Father he was a benefactor to all the people. Described as a “passage grave” the Bru was a “house” where the dead could pass in and out of supernatural reality into this world at will. Most of all Newgrange will stimulate the imagination towards a deeper connection to the past and the evolution of human thought that has been forgotten to both the East and the West. Read the full proposal HERE.
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