The most productive Imperialist thinker of the 20th century gives up on Empire!

No worry that the MSM is not picking up on Zbigniew Brzezinsk’s warning to the latest crop of Neocons that the use of imperial power(WAR) is over. The more the Neocons use that power the deeper they will go into the mirror of the opposite world where black becomes white and good becomes evil. Zbig is trying to intervene between the growing partnership of China and Russia by tempting China to turn to the US instead. He played the “China Card” while he was President Carter’s National Security Advisor.  It may have worked worked in the late 1970s but not in 2016. When it comes to Russia today Zbig remains lost in  his own fantasy. Here is a far more nuanced article  on Russia written from Oswald Spengler’s perspective.  Like Rudolph Steiner and Edgar Cayce, Spengler articulated a complex interpretation of Russia historically that looked into the future to anticipate what role Russia would play now.
August 25, 2016

The Broken Chessboard: Brzezinski Gives up on Empire

The main architect of Washington’s plan to rule the world has abandoned the scheme and called for the forging of ties with Russia and China. While Zbigniew Brzezinski’s article in The American Interest titled “Towards a Global Realignment” has largely been ignored by the media, it shows that powerful members of the policymaking establishment no longer believe that Washington will prevail in its quest to extent US hegemony across the Middle East and Asia. Brzezinski, who was the main proponent of this idea and who drew up the blueprint for imperial expansion in his 1997 book The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, has done an about-face and called for a dramatic revising of the strategy. Here is the full article.
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