Two ‘mad scientists’ create sleep mask that lets people CONTROL their dreams

The May 20, 2012 news story (Real life Inception: Two ‘mad scientists’ create sleep mask that lets people CONTROL their dreams) connects the dream technology that we describe as the Dream Catcher in The Voice (written in 2000) with a just invented product that is being sold today as
the Remee Sleeping Mask, The article compares the dream technology of this new product to the Leonardo DiCaprio’s dream caper film, Inception.

We introduced this technology on page 17 of The Voice:
“Rick had me follow him down the hall and into the elevator, then down the glass tube to one of the numerous levels of sub-basement. Below were a labyrinth of glass walled corridors beyond which could be seen huge banks of computers blinking in the darkness. The entire scene gave the impression of one huge machine and after walking for what seemed five minutes we came to a set of steel doors. Inside, a young man sat motionless, staring vacantly at a bank of monitors as his hands grasped a small black machine with shiny gold letters that read Dream Catcher. Perry is our guinea pig. Right now he’s battling Kirk Douglas in Sparticus, Rick said, his voice echoing off the empty walls. A Next he’ll have a drink at Rick’s cafe with Humphrey Bogart and Claude Rains, have a dance with Julia Roberts and maybe even go to bed with Marilyn Monroe.I glanced at the monitors as Rick removed the Dream Catcher from Perry’s lap and withdrew what seemed like a small glass marble. Then, replacing the marble with one drawn from his pocket I watched as the image of a sneering Douglas, was replaced with Bogart. Rick marveled at the image of the young intern from Sussex as he postured in front of Claude Rains. Imagine the possibilities of this. Look at him. He’s entirely lost in it. Just like a dream.”
If you want to know where all this technology is headed READ The Voice !

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