VALEDICTION ROUNDTABLE “Exposing the Failure of Empire and Reclaiming the Narrative Creation Process”

Roundtable 18: From the Crusades to the Death of JFK, What Does It All Mean? A message to King Charles  from his “Birthdate Soulmate”

Join with  us to hear Earth Rights Visionary Alanna Hartzok read her letter to King Charles for his May 6th coronation (to be released to the mainstream media). Having been born five hours apart on November 14, 1948, they’re “Birthdate Soulmates,” a mystical connection of great power we can all access. It’s packed with deeply researched knowledge on why the time is right for King Charles to get on the Earth Rights bandwagon. Economic justice will be created when land and natural resource values – Commons Rent – become the primary source for raising public revenue. That will lead the way to lasting world peace

A FREE Zoom Event  Wed. April 5, 2023  3:00 to 4:30 pm/EST    RSVP Required Click HERE ( If you lose the Zoom-link email just re-RSVP)    

Featuring Kris Millegan, Paul Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Gould and Earth Rights visionaries Alanna Hartzok and Wendell Fitzgerald

-R.A. Kris Millegan, publisher at TrineDay and host of THE JOURNEY podcast

-Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould are husband and wife co-authors of INVISIBLE HISTORY: Afghanistan’s Untold Story; CROSSING ZERO: The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire; VALEDICTION: Three Nights of Desmond, and VALEDICTION: Resurrection.

-Alanna Hartzok is the author of The Earth Belongs to Everyone, an educator; activist and lecturer on economic justice, land rights, and commons rent public finance. Watch her SACRED RULE ECONOMICS presentation here.

– Wendell Fitzgerald was the Executive Director of the Northern California Henry George School of Social Science 1976-1979 and president of the board until 2019. He was elected from 2019-2020 to the Board of Schalkenbach Foundation, publisher of Henry George’s books. 


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