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Alexandra Bruce, the creator of  ForbiddenKnowledge TV,  interviewed  us about how we came to understand the esoteric underpinnings of American foreign policy. The audio version of  the interview is available here. Watch the interview here.

“The book is a piece of evidence, which takes the reader through their process. Although it reads like a multidimensional action thriller, which reaches from 1980s Afghanistan to Medieval Ireland, the core of their work is about regaining control of our personal narratives and to recover our authentic selves from all of this propaganda. Technology attempts to seduce us away from what is genuinely new; but when we take back the authority over our own state of mind, the mind control can’t work anymore. As the big narrative collapses all around us, we need not get lost in the collapse but can instead realize that the power lies in being the authors of our own lives. It’s a genuinely positive message for people who are exhausted by the endlessly negative environment in which we are surrounded. It’s about snatching victory out of the maws of defeat and ending the mentality of revenge and retribution.”

‘The Voice: An Encrypted Monologue’ , our novel is available as an eBook here.
Real-world current events, mythology, ascension prophecy and a gripping story-line come together in The Voice. Co-author Paul Fitzgerald is the main character who uncovers a metaphysical conspiracy dating back hundreds of years and in the process awakens to a new dimension of reality.

The threads connect historical events and actors ranging from the Crusades to the Knights Templar to QueenElizabeth and her mystical advisers to JFK and modern-day Afghanistan. The plot, based on solid historical research, centers around the Geraldine clan of Ireland whose descendants include John Fitzgerald Kennedy. First published in 2000, The Voice is more relevant than ever, in the context of current global events.

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