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With Publisher R. A. “Kris” Millegan, Earth Rights visionary Alanna Hartzok, and co-authors Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, who say:

“Our original idea was to create a world peace movement based on JFK’s American University Peace Speech. Along the way we discovered that world peace required a transition from an Economy of War to Peace. When we learned about the economics of 19th Century American, Henry George we realized the best way to build peace was based on a foundation of George’s perennial wisdom teachings of economic justice.

“Now here’s the amazing part. This started for us in 1992, when our daughter got a dream message from Paul’s deceased father to look into the Fitzgerald history going back to the 1169 Norman invasion of Ireland. Out of the blue Georgist researcher Edward Dodson* recently sent us a 1911 news story from the weekly magazine THE PUBLIC, published from 1898-1919. It reported that JFK’s grandfather, Boston’s Mayor John Fitzgerald, was promoting public finance solutions based on Henry George’s economic justice. George’s masterwork, PROGRESS AND POVERTY, launched major movements in several countries by the end of the 19th century.”

Describing the perennial wisdom made manifest through Georgist economics, Alanna Hartzok has written: “…all gifts of nature should be fairly shared and not subject to private profiteering. The solution is a public finance policy that removes tax burdens from labor and production and shifts it to the unearned income from land and natural resources. Even when partially implemented this approach shows that we can build an economy that is both fair, free, and decentralized. Neoliberal economics was created by elites who paid universities to teach two-factor economics, only labor and capital, and made land (the earth itself) a subset of capital. The intention of this intellectual crime was to obfuscate the perennial wisdom teachings on economic justice.”

Elizabeth summarized what’s next. “This was the alpha and omega moment we’d been waiting for. The exciting energy of the Fitzgerald Legacy that JFK brought to his presidency had been enlivened again in our reality. Our job is to encourage all presidential candidates to include Mayor Fitzgerald’s Georgist solutions in their platforms. As this message spreads across the country, it will bring Americans together from all sides of the political spectrum, just as President Kennedy was doing with his vision for world peace.”

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*Edward Dodson – researcher and faculty member of the Henry George School of Social Science and Director of the School of Cooperative Individualism

Read Paul and Elizabeth’s Proposal for World Peace based on Economic Justice at

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