TrineDay’s RT12  The Hegelian Dialectic must be dismantled before we can build World Peace

America’s empire was established in the post-WWII era. We inherited a 19th century European worldview referred to as the Hegelian Dialectic, which is based on the belief that conflict creates history. The dialectic asserted that society could only achieve its highest spiritual consciousness through endless conflicts between ideological extremes. Instead of leading to mankind’s highest state, the dialectic laid the foundations for totalitarianism. Today the damaging effect of the dialectic can be seen everywhere: democrats against republicans, communists against capitalists, pro-choice versus pro-life. It controls America’s politics and has ruined the health of Western civilization by legitimizing the leadership’s unrestrained use of coercion on their citizens to stay in power. The only way forward is to abandon the dialectic. Join with us for this important discussion. For more information visit

A FREE Zoom Event    Wed. September 14, 2022

3:00 – 4:30 pm/EST    First half, presentation   Second half, Q&A

RSVP Required at Valedictiondotnet/eventlist

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, co-authors of Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story; Crossing Zero: The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire; The Valediction: Three Nights of Desmond, and The Valediction: Resurrection.

Host: Kris Millegan, TrineDay Publishing “The folks in the shadows who lie, cheat and steal to manipulate us must be exposed so we can create a better world for our children.”                                                                                                                                                                            Moderator: Bruce de Torres, author of God, School, 9/11 and JFK: The Lies That Are Killing Us and The Truth That Sets Us Free

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