Crossing Zero: The History of The Durand Line

Here is a link to a 53 minute program we created titled, Crossing Zero: The History of The Durand Line

About this episode

Crossing Zero, is a program based on Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould book published by City Lights, Crossing Zero: The AfPak war at the turning point of American Empire. Crossing Zero will bring the crisis in Afghanistan and Pakistan into sharp focus by introducing the people, the arguments and the issues currently raging around America’s longest-running war. It will present the most up-to-date news coverage on Afghanistan as well as what every American needs to know for analyzing the politics and history of the AfPak region and how they effect America’s future. The History of the Durand Line: The region today delineated as both Afghanistan and Pakistan has known many borders over the millennia, yet none have been more artificial or contentious than the one separating Pakistan and Afghanistan known as the Durand line but referred to by the military and intelligence community as Zero Line.
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