In Search of King Arthurs Lost Kingdom and a Review of Fitzgerald & Goulds New Book

by Jack Heart   September 7, 2022

“This 2019 presentation, King Arthur’s Lost Kingdom is a must-see. The recent archeological discoveries presented here create a very different picture of Britain during the Arthurian era (400-600 AD). It was referred to as the Dark Ages because of claims of constant wars following the departure of the Roman Empire. These archeologists found no evidence that there was a Dark Age in Britain during that time period. In fact, the attached map shows that Tintagel, the supposed birthplace of Arthur, was a trading hub. Tintagel contains many examples of 5th-century pottery from Anatolia.  Follow from the red dot (Tintagel) in the south of Britain and then follow the redline of trade that leads to Anatolia in the east and beyond An incredible example proving once again that official history is filled with propaganda. Much of it was written by monks who clearly wanted everyone to believe falsely that without Empire there is no civilization, only chaos!” – Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

Fitzgerald and Gould have recently published a book that we are strongly recommending:

What do you get when you mix a thousand-year-old hereditary feud, bloodlines, Oliver Stone, the holographic paradigm, and Christian mysticism? You get The Valediction Resurrection! Seldom am I impressed with a professional writer’s knowledge of the occult but move over Umberto Eco, Gould and Fitzgerald will teach you how to play this HAARP.

I was astounded by the depth of Mr. Fitzgerald’s understanding of the hidden currents that carry this world to an as-of-yet unknown destiny. By the time he got to the Tuatha Dé, entities of which I am intimately acquainted but I call Djinn, and the importance of quartz for time travel I had to slow down to reading only thirty or forty pages a day.

Because that’s the way I read when I am taking mental notes. This book belongs in any good occult library, and I have already begun recommending it to my Christian readers who are troubled associating the very real unseen world with the artificial dogma they’ve been inculcated with for generations. The Valediction Resurrection is a must-read for every Christian with a three-digit IQ. I may just read it again myself. – Jack Heart    Shop –The Valediction: Resurrection

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