Is Virtual Reality for Our Own Memories Really Such a Great Idea?

Dear friends, This article is raising the same warning about the misuse of virtual reality we wrote about in our novel The Voice published in 2000 along with the website. This author does not mention the long standing US intelligence involvement in creating these technologies while working with people like Bob Monroe of the Monroe Institute and ex-CIA agent dreaming guru Robert Moss. Be very wary of the Google VP’s benign description of the purpose of virtual reality in this article! Cheers, Paul&Liz

“The question of taking the false [memories]for the real got more serious this week, with the announcement that scientists are trying to implant memories in human subjects. There’s your Inception moment.”

G. Clay Whittaker The Daily Beast  Brave New World 07.05.16 12:18 AM ET

It’s not just movies and social media—in the coming years, virtual reality will be about recording personal moments. But what’s to stop people from living fully inside those memories? Read the full article here
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