Our New View Interview titled “Mystical Imperialism

July 25th, 2022

Our New View Interview titled “Mystical Imperialism”  can be accessed here .   A child’s dream of a message from an 800-year old ancestor launches a quest with great relevance to our times. Hear Liz Gould talk about the interweaving of dreams and reality, Black Knights, elite control of the mystical realm, paradox and contradiction, and how to move from Warriors of War to Warriors of Peace. Includes myth, mystery and facts shedding light on the Irish Fitzgeralds and the assassination of JFK.

THE NEW VIEW is a team of Visionary Crones with more than 500 years of life experience and altogether 26 published books. We cover current events and draw our views and solutions from these interests: New Economics, Earth Rights, Public Banks, US Dollar, Tax Shift, Alt Currency, Decentralism, Bioregionalism, Divine Feminine, The Best Game on Earth, World Peace, Holistic Health, Spirit, Channeling, Multi-Dimensional WooWoo, ESP, ETs, Etc.   The New View Team: Carol Brouillet, Diane Perlman PhD,  Ginger Metraux PhD, Norie Huddle,  Marilyn Langlois, Alanna Hartzok  and Ellen Brown.

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