URLs to the NEOCON HISTORY SERIES and Individual Articles

By Paul Fitzgerald & Elizabeth Gould from 2011-2020

The Sordid History of British Manipulation of American Democracy Series  June, 2018        

Part 1: MI6 intelligence has always been an anti-Soviet/Russian “Rumor Factory”

Part 2: America’s “Soviet problem” is the old “Russia problem” that European Imperialists have been facing since Napoleon’s disastrous march on Moscow in 1812

Part 3: How U.S. foreign policy came to be directed by a diabolical, London-backed, privately funded, neoconservative/right-wing alliance                                           

Part 4: How the Safari Club became the real CIA                                             

Part 5: Brzezinski’s Safari Club “Friends” Did the Dirty Work Behind the Scenes                                                          

Part 6: The Death of Adolph Dubs – Cui bono? ‘To whom is it a benefit?’         

Part 7: The Coup d’e’tat –

The Grand Illusion of Imperial Power  July 27, 2018 (Summary of Parts 1-7)

The Turning on Russia Series   April, 2018

Part 1: It’s been done to Russia before but this time will be the last

Part 2: The post WWII strategy of the neocons has been shaped by Russo phobia against the Soviet Union and now Russia     

The Neocon Takeover of America Series  August, 2017

Part 1: Darkness at Noon

Part 2: The West is Disintegrating

Part 3: Engineering Public Perception to the Right for the Right

Part 4: Ceaseless Propaganda, Outright Lies and Distorted Facts

The Universal Empire Series  April, 2017

Part 1: American Imperialism Leads the World Into Dante’s Vision of Hell                      

Part 2: How Neocons Push for War by Cooking the Books

Part 3: How the CIA Created a Fake Western Reality for ‘Unconventional Warfare’
Part 4The Final Stage of the Machiavellian Elites’ Takeover of America

America, an Empire in Twilight Series  November, 2016  

Part 1: When America Became the Dark Force

Part 2: How Guilt, Innocence & Facts Have Been Rendered Irrelevant

Part 3: Neoconizing the Just War Doctrine in the service of American Empire

Part 4: The End of Illusion

FINALE: The Trump Card is played! Never Underestimate THE FOOL

Psychological Warfare and the American Mind Series  Sept., 2016

Part1:  A Campaign Where the Lie Became the Truth and the Truth Became the Enemy of the State   

Part 2: Building the Afghan Narrative with Black Propaganda, the People, the Process & the Product      

Part 3: A Clockwork Afghanistan

Part 4: Willie Wonka & the National Security State

Individual Articles


‘Magical Thinking’ has always ruled the US role in Afghanistan   8/14/20

We’re all CIA assets! What can be done, a personal story   12/7/2018                                

The Khashoggi Gambit 11/1/2018

Weaponized Dreams? The Curious Case of Robert Moss   9/21/2018                             

New York Times Strikes Out Again on Afghanistan  11/6/2017                                      

What have they done to our fair sister? An Epitaph  10/6/2017

An Urgent Message to Bernie Sanders’ Supporters   2/17/2017

America’s Late Stage Imperial Dementia 11/3/2016

Brzezinski Vision to Lure Soviets into ‘Afghan Trap’ Is Orlando’s Nightmare   11/3/2016

America Pivots to Brzezinski’s Delusion of Eurasian Conquest  Essay 10/14/2015

America Pivots to Brzezinski’s Delusion of Eurasian Conquest   6/2/2015

America’s Financial Armageddon and Afghanistan  9/14/2011

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